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My Services

Together we will work at your pace, helping you to identify and value your individuality and uniqueness as a person. The most important aspect of the way I work is building a good relationship with you. By creating a warm and trusting place will enable you to talk freely and comfortably with me and it is from here that we can work towards growth.


Are you experiencing  a difficult time with your partner ,do you feel criticised, blamed, undermined, taken for granted.

Having a tough time with your in-laws feeling misunderstood, isolated


Do you feel you are trying to please everyone and yet your efforts are not recognised.

Are you worried about what others think or living your life to make others happy

Clashing with your siblings or other family members


Having a difficult time with a friend


Having a challenging time with someone at work


Unhappily marriage not getting on with your partner

Thinking about a separation or divorce

Others interfering in your marriage and you’re finding it difficult to cope 

Pressured into getting married by family or society

Feeling down as you want to settle with someone but struggling to find what you are looking for

In a mixed marriage and facing issues regarding culture

  • Are you a new mum or dad and nervous about having children unsure of what to do or how you will cope

  • Stressed out with your children feel ling as if you’re doing the same thing over and over again

  • Having a tough time with your children disagreeing on matters

  • Struggling to come to terms with your sexuality or looking to explore yourself further

  • Having to hide your sexuality from your friends and family, leading a double life

  • Scared  you will be judged

  • Feeling under pressure to perform your role in the family

  • Too much weight on your shoulders

  • Trying to keep up with societies expectations

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